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Reusable Collection You Must Have

Reusable Collection You Must Have

Overcoming plastic consumption which is increasingly worrying, various countries have issued regulations to reduce or even stop the use of plastic materials. As a replacement, the use of reusable collection / items is being increased to replace the collection of plastic items that are widely circulating in the community.

People are now starting to be moved to use environmentally friendly products as a substitute for plastic. Well, if you also care about the environment, then you must have a collection of reusable items in your home. Let's just take a peek the collection.

Reusable Straw

For those of you who are not accustomed to drinking straight from a glass, then you must have a reusable straw because a number of beverage shops and restaurants have eliminated plastic straws. Currently this eco-friendly product is very trendy everywhere.

Usually, reusable straws are sold as packaged with a cleaning brush and a storage container so that the straw can be washed and remains hygienic when used repeatedly. There are various collections of reusable straws made of stainless steel, glass, silicon, and bamboo. The size is not too big so it is practical to carry.

Shopping Bag

Currently, many supermarkets and groceries do not provide plastic or paper bags for the customers. That is why you need to have your own shopping bag collection. There is no need to worry about the large size because now there are many models of shopping bags that can be folded and the size is also very suitable to be stored or hung in your traveling bag.

You can buy shopping bags or even make your own using your old clothes or fabrics. With a little sewing skill, you can make your own shopping bags of various sizes, shapes and patterns.

Natural Cutlery Set

Although some food and snack shops still provide plastic cutlery, you should start taking the initiative not to use them. Instead, always bring along your own cutlery set.

Choose a cutlery set collection made of bamboo or wood, which is natural and reusable. Apart from reducing plastic waste, the cleanliness of this product is also guaranteed because you are the one who use it. This environmentally friendly product is widely sold in its storage containers. It is also light to carry anywhere. Because of its very practical use, this eco- friendly product is often used as a wedding souvenir.

Non-Plastics Food Storage Container 

Do you still use plastic containers to store your food? If so, from now on try to reduce or even stop using your plastic food containers. It is safer to use non-plastic food containers that are environmentally friendly. You can choose from a wide selection of eco-friendly food storage containers, from stainless steel, glass, ceramic, silicon, to wood and bamboo containers.

Drinking Bottle

Instead of buying bottled drinking water, you better bring your own drinking water from home using eco-friendly bottles, not plastic mineral water bottles.

Plastic bottle waste takes a long time to break down. In addition, these plastic bottles can also poison the body if used repeatedly. Currently, environmentally friendly products in the form of drinking bottles are widely available in various shapes and sizes that can be tailored to your tastes and needs. Most importantly, make sure the material is safe to use repeatedly and does not react when exposed to hot water.

Reusable Menstrual Pad

Most women use menstrual pads regularly, and by using disposable pads they have contributed to a large amount of waste.

If you are considering the best option for replacing disposable pads, you can try using reusable menstrual pads. The shape and use of this is exactly the same as a regular disposable pad, but it can be washed and used over and over again.

In reusable menstrual pads, the material used is made a bit thick so that it can absorb more fluid. In addition, it is also equipped with a layer on the inside that is able to hold liquid from penetrating to the outside. This layer is made of balloon rubber and is placed under a towel or absorbent cloth.

Those are 6 reusable collections that are important to have. If you want to play an active role in saving our environment, you need to consider having these items..