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Natural Compostable Tableware for Restaurants and Cafes

Natural Compostable Tableware for Restaurants and Cafes

The use of disposable items that are harmful for the environment is one of the causes of increasing environmental damage. As one of the parties with a large use of disposable items, restaurants as well as cafes should start taking steps to help reduce food waste by offering natural tableware.

As technology advances, there are many inventions that produce tableware from natural materials so they are not harmful to the environment or to health.

This invention presents a variety of natural tableware items that are very suitable for use in the food service industry such as in restaurants or cafes. If you run a restaurant, café, or other food service industry, these items below will be great options to consider.


  1. Compostable Coffee Cups

The coffee must be served in the right cup. Hot coffee served in ordinary plastic cups or styrofoam is certainly very dangerous for health and also cannot decompose on its own.

Today many restaurants and cafes are turning to more natural products, such as Only use bamboo material made mostly of starch, vegetable oils and microbiota. This structure makes it easy to decompose in nature and can increase nutrients in the soil.

There is also a coffee cup made from agricultural waste, such as sugarcane bagasse pulp, which is of course eco-friendly and less harmful.

In addition, you can also use bamboo fiber coffee cups. Bamboo fiber is a completely natural material that has been used for many things, one of which is coffee cups. Once you use it, the bamboo fiber cup can be returned to the ecosystem where it can break down and can become good compost for the soil.

  1. Bamboo Plates

Natural Compostable Tableware

There are several compostable plate options that can be used. In addition to coffee cups, sugarcane bagasse pulp is also produced in plate form. The plates are tough, oil resistant and cut resistant. Sugarcane bagasse pulp products can be composted and made from reclaimed and renewable materials.

Apart from being made from bagasse, compostable plates are also made from bamboo pulp. Bamboo pulp plates can be annually renewable, recycled, and compostable in 1-3 months. It can be used for hot or cold food. This type of plate is available in various shapes, from small round shape to large oval with a natural light brown texture.

One more compostable plate option: Palm leaf plate. As the name implies, this plate is made from natural fallen Areca leaves. This type of plate is so durable, and stylish for serving food, it's only meant to be disposable and then thrown away. This plate is very suitable for use in weddings or other parties.

  1. bamboo cutlery

One of the most widely used plastic products is cutlery. We are all well aware of the harmful effects of disposable plastic cutlery. It is a threat to the environment, including aquatic animals and wildlife, as well as to humans. When you eat from a plastic spoon made of certain dangerous chemicals, it will release these chemicals which then are mixed with food and can cause various dangerous diseases.

By replacing the use of plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery, it will reduce the use of plastic, which of course is not environmentally friendly.Wooden cutlery is one solution to the problem caused by plastic cutlery. made from wood fibers which can also be turned into compost for the soil. Wooden cutlery usually includes spoons, forks, knives, and chopsticks.

  1. Bamboo fiber straw

You shouldn't be afraid to replace your plastic straws with compostable ones, as there are several options that will help you to find the right choice.

You can try several alternatives, starting from, paper straw, bamboo straw, hay straw, cane straw, and bioplastic straw. All kinds of natural straws are environmentally friendly and do not harm your health. Paper straws and bioplastic straws are suitable for use in restaurants because they are disposable straws.

  1. Compostable Napkins

Although napkin is not included in tableware, its use side by side with tableware needs special attention. If you are looking for a more natural napkin, you can try the biodegradable napkin made from sugarcane.

In producing sugarcane napkin, no trees are cut down on purpose, this makes it 100% recycled fiber. use bamboo fiber napkin is made from sugarcane mix fibers without the addition of harmful chemicals. This napkin can also be easily recycled or composted.


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