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Eco-Friendly Tableware Product : Naturalstraws

Some drinks will taste less delicious if you drink them without a straw, it's no wonder that many people still use plastic straws. To overcome this, many straw manufacturers are creating new innovations tableware of natural, environmentally friendly straws as a substitute for plastic straws.Instead of using a plastic straw which has a bad impact on the environment, you can replace it with new straw products that are more eco- friendly. Well, here is a list of natural straws that you can use to replace ordinary plastic straws

Bamboo Fiber Straw

bamboo fiber straw

Bamboo straw is made of bamboo fiber. This straw will not have a bad impact on the environment. So you can use this straw without feeling guilty of damaging the environment.

This straw has an elegant and natural appearance because it is made of natural bamboo. Don't forget to clean it after using it. Especially the hole of this straw, because there may be some drink residue stuck in it.

Bamboo Fiber Straw is a natural disposable straw product which is harmless to our environment. If you throw it away, you won't see it again after a few months because it has decomposed. This type of natural straw is one of the best plastic straw alternatives for restaurants that use mostly single-use items.

Hay Straw

Hay Strawis made from the stems of the wheat plant so it’s biodegradable. The straw with its elegant-appearance is considered suitable for use in cafes and restaurants. The use of this new-type straw that is more eco- friendly will not harm the environment as well as health.

Hay straw comes from 100% natural ingredients: it is made from the stalk of wheat. This material is usually a waste of agricultural production. That is why, by converting this 'waste' into material for natural straw products, natural resources can be saved.

Cane Straw

Cane straw is made from sugarcane waste. It is converted into polymer raw materials which are then used to make environmentally friendly straws. This straw is biodegradable,durable and can firmly withstand multiple bites. This straw is also easy to wash and reuse. You may have found that some natural drinking straws are not suitable for certain types of drinks, but sugarcane straws can be used for hot and cold drinks, as well as for very thick drinks such as smoothies or fresh juices.

Straw Made of Papaya Leaf Stems

One of the natural straws that can be used without going through a long production process is the straw from the papaya leaf stem. All you need to do is pluck one papaya leaf, remove the leaf from the stem, then wash the stem clean so that no sap is left. Usually this natural straw is perfect for drinking fresh young coconut or juice.

Edible Seaweed Straw

This eco-friendly straw is an innovation from a tableware company. After the success of the edible cups, Loliware has again launched an eco-friendly tableware that is seaweed straw.

You can eat this straw made from seaweed after using it because it is 100% vegetable. Besides, this new type of natural straw is compostable, marine-degradable, gluten-and-sugar-free, and also non-GMO.


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