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A Glimpse of Natural, Eco-Friendly Tableware Product

 Most of the tableware is made of ceramic, metal or plastic. In fact, plastic tableware can damage the environment because it is difficult to decompose. However, now many people are starting to innovate by making environmentally friendly tableware products. Most of these products is made from natural ingredients that will easily biodegradable.

Following the high level of public awareness to protect the environment, tableware manufacturers also produce tableware product with natural ingredients. This eco-friendly tableware trend has received a positive response from the public. This is inseparable from the desire of the community to support nature preservation.

The plastic waste that began to mount made some people aware and started to act. So, many of the tableware manufacturers begin to make natural, eco-friendly tableware to reduce plastic waste.

There are many existing innovations to support environmental sustainability. Starting from tableware made of natural ingredients to tableware that can be eaten. The following is a list of tableware made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

 Wheat Fiber Tableware

This natural ingredient has proven its use in various fields. Starting from food to tableware, wheat fiber tableware is not as strong as metal cutlery, but it is more eco-friendly and stronger than plastic tableware.

There have been many manufacturers of tableware that produce tableware from this one natural ingredient. Usually, this wheat fiber tableware has a beautiful pastel color. Automatically it attracts the attention of those who see it.

 Bamboo Fiber Tableware

bamboo fiber tableware

This natural ingredient has also begun to be used to make tableware, starting from plates, spoons, chopsticks and so forth. Having our own set of tableware made of bamboo, we feel safer and more comfortable; it is one of alternatives in reducing plastic waste because bamboo fiber can be degraded easily without endanger environmental sustainability.

Apart from being safe for the environment because it can be used repeatedly and decomposes naturally, this tableware is free from harmful chemicals which makes it a safe tableware for our health.

One of the well-known bamboo fiber tableware product is bamboo straw. Many people all over the world have used the straw as an alternative to plastic straws other than stainless steel straws. Its elegant, natural look and durability have been its own attraction besides being eco-friendly.

 Wooden Tableware

Not much different from bamboo fiber tableware, wooden tableware is becoming the choice of many people. Its elegant appearance makes it loved by many people. Moreover, this tableware is created of natural material which is biodegradable.

Besides being eco-friendly, wood is also antibacterial, antirust, and durable. Imagine you have a beautiful plate which is durable but not safe from bacteria; it is no use to keep such plate. If we use wooden tableware, we get all the benefits of it.

 Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

In general, most foods use packaging made from Styrofoam even though this Styrofoam material is very difficult to decompose and can have a bad impact on health. Therefore, packaging made from Styrofoam has begun to be removed.

Sugarcane bagasse tableware is one of the solutions now. This type of tableware is usually used in packaging form because of its characteristics: durable, resistant to deformation, resistant to extreme temperatures, high moisture resistance, air permeability, and does not emit carcinogens when it comes into contact with food. It is also easier to dispose of which can be used as compost.


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