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8 Items to Add to Your Reusable Collection

Items to Add to Your Reusable Collection

The zero-waste lifestyle is increasingly prevalent nowadays. It's no wonder that many people have finally started turning to reusable collection of items in these days. It proves that they are increasingly aware of the importance of preserving the environment for a better quality of life. Along with that, the use of reusable items is becoming a pervasive trend.

Reusing itself is an activity to reuse an item that has previously been used. This reuse is not tied to the original function of the item, but can be used for whatever extent the item can be used.

You may think that term ‘reusing’ here means to do good thing for environment by keeping the same item. Well, that’s not all. It is about regularly reducing our waste and cleaning the items to constantly decrease our carbon footprint.

The use of reusable items can help reduce the increase of non-biodegradable waste and encourage people to live more economical and energy-saving. Thus, all people from various socio-economic backgrounds can get the goods they need.

Now let's take a look at some reusable collections of items that can be found in our own homes and can still be used many times, even for new purposes.

  1. Cans or Glass Jars

Although Glass and metal are easy to recycle, it is preferable to reuse them without buying new ones. Old coffee cans be great containers for storing your belongings in the bathroom, or on your desk in your room. If you have a medium glass jar, you can use it as a flower vase or even a terrarium, a planting art that uses small glass as a container. If you have a small glass jar you can use it as a dessert jar, candle jar, even a coin jar.

  1. Plastic Soda Bottles

Plastic soda bottle is one item that we often easily find in the trash bin of every home. With a little creativity you can turn a plastic soda bottle into a pot for growing flowers or kitchen ingredients, a bird food container, a lamp container, a spoon holder, a coin holder, even a cell charging station.

  1. Newspapers, Magazines, and Paper Bags

Do you have a lot of unused paper at home? You can try some creative ideas for making pretty handy. You can start by using newspaper or magazine paper as gift wrapping paper, and wall flower decorations. If you have some more time, you can braid the rolls of paper into baskets, pencil cases, lamp holders, even bowls! Of course you need to paint it as a final touch to make it strong and durable.

  1. Old towels, clothes and blankets

Are you planning to throw away your old towels, clothes and blankets? There are lots of ideas to make them useful again. You can cut it into smaller pieces to make a washable cleaning rag. If you can sew, you can make a bath mat from your old towel or blanket as well as a shopping bag from used clothes.

  1. Plastic bag

When your cereal has run out, you can save the inner plastic bag to use it again later. After washing and drying, you can use it to wrap sandwiches or other snacks. You can also use it to wrap lettuce and other leafy vegetables to keep them fresh. Apart from that, plastic bags can also be used as trash bags or even grocery bags when you go to the grocery store.

  1. Spoons, forks and straws

Make sure you have your own non-plastic spoon, fork and straw that you can carry around with you. You can use them many times without feeling guilty for using plastic. Besides being environmentally friendly, we ensure their cleanliness. Currently many of them are sold in the market with various no-plastic material.

  1. Drinking Bottles

Instead of having to buy drinks outside when traveling, bring your own with a reusable water bottle. Always bring a drink from home using a drinking bottle, in order to reduce plastic waste and help you save your money.

  1. Handkerchief

Even though tissue is a recycled product, it is better to prioritize reusing than recycling. Start looking for a replacement for your tissue. A handkerchief can be an alternative to a tissue substitute that you can always use, wash, and reuse.