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5 Natural Tableware Product Options

Are you looking for information about the right natural tableware for you? Then you have made the right decision to come to this page! This article will discuss some natural tableware option that might suit what you want.

The emergence of a variety of natural tableware products has proven to be a solution to the problem of environmental damage caused by using plastics.

Tableware Product

Supported by the sophistication of today's technology, natural tableware product option is available everywhere which are now increasingly widely used in the community.

The options range from reusable and durable products, to edible and biodegradable ones. One thing that’s certain is that all of these natural tableware products are self-biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Let's check the options out.

Bamboo Tableware Product

Bamboo, like wood, is another environmentally friendly and durable material. No wonder bamboo is also used as the main ingredient for making reusable and durable tableware product.

Because it comes from nature, bamboo is the right decision to use as a base for cutlery that is free from harmful chemicals and is able to decompose naturally.


Wheat Bran Tableware Product

Almost 17 years ago, a Polish inventor and businessman named Jerzy Wysocki made tableware made of wheat bran.

Wheat bran is a fine powder which has a high protein level. This fine powder is mixed with water and will be pressed with a special high-voltage tool at a certain temperature until it becomes solid.

Although its use is limited to foods that doesn’t have much liquid, this wheat bran cutlery can still be used for warm or cold food. It also be used with microwave to heat food in it.

The advantage of this wheat bran cutlery is that it is biodegradable as well as edible. So you don't need to worry about the substance of this type of tableware for the health of your body and your family.

 Loliware Glass

Loloware glass is an environmentally friendly glass made from pectin and evaporated sugarcane juice. Derived from natural ingredients, this Loliware glass with a chewy and flexible texture is safe to use and can even be eaten immediately after the drink inside runs out.

This New York-company-created-glass has several colors and flavors, such as maroon for Bitter Bitters, green for Salty Lime, yellow for Sour Lemon, white for Sweet Vanilla, and bright red for a Spicy Pepper flavor.

ElloJello Glass

Another natural biodegradable glass is the ElloJello glass. Departing from his concern over the increasing number of plastic waste, a young Indonesian, David Christian, then created this ElloJello glass made from seaweed.

Although currently this ElloJello glass is not fully usable for hot drinks, its presence in 4 flavors and colors is worth a try. There are green for greentea, blue for peppermint, yellow for orange, and red for lychee.

All of these ingredients are natural, biodegradable and edible so you don't need to be afraid of their harmful effects on health.

Flour Spoon

NarayanaPeesapaty from India succeeded in creating an edible spoon that is made from flour. The flour used is derived from rice, wheat, and sorghum. Natural ingredients make this spoon safe for consumption.

This spoon is very suitable for enjoying ice cream. If it is used to consume hot food or water, this spoon will only last for about 20 minutes. If you don't eat it right away, it will break down easily in just 4-5 days.

Those are some natural tableware product options that you can use as references to choose natural tableware products which is right for you. Maybe not all of these options are available in your area, so you may choose the product that best suits your needs and is available in your area. Let's protect our environment by changing our tableware to natural tableware products.


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Meta description: Then you have made a right decision to come to this page! This article will discuss some natural tableware option that might suit what you want.