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Welcome to New Natural

We focus on finding technologies that don't harm the world. We believe in using technology to enhance our lives for the better, without exploiting the environment.

Our natural, plastic-free tableware is one of them. This tableware is made from 100% plant fibers, 0% plastic or melamine. We guarantee that our products are 100% compostable.

We know convenience has grown to be a part of our day to day lives, so we are here to offer you a natural tableware option without the guilt of polluting our world.

What people say about us

LOVE, LOVE & LOVE! Such good quality, very dense and so easy to use when going out camping or travelling! Such a easy item to carry around, love it!

Tania D.

Zero plastic cutleries made from bamboo. Even the courier bag is compostable. Hats off to New Natural for putting the effort to make our world lovelier!

Ting Xu

The most beautiful plant based kitchenware!

Maddy Grace J

Officially becoming a big fan of New Natural products!

April Fu

Love the sustainable packaging and items!


Best part is they are ALL compostable so we can help make our healthy planet a better one without the guilt!

I have used the reusable range and that's so freaking nice to use, sooo smooooth!

Amanda Hirini

Bamboo range by New Natural is perfect if you're sick of your kids breaking plates and cups

April Anne Purdon

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